Hoyt Axton

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Hoyt Axton

Born: 1938-03-25

Occupation: Actor Actor

Description: Hoyt Axton is best known as a famous Actor. Hoyt Axton was born on March 25 1938. The first appearance on screen was in 1979 as Alec's Father in "The Black Stallion". And the most recent work is "Cocaine Blues".

Featured in:
Cocaine Blues Cocaine Blues
King Cobra King Cobra (1999) as Mayor Ed Biddle
Number One Fan Number One Fan (1995) as Joe Halsey
Buried Alive Buried Alive (1990) as Sheriff Sam Eberly
The Civil War The Civil War (1990) as Various
Disorganized Crime Disorganized Crime (1989) as Sheriff Henault
We're No Angels We're No Angels (1989) as Father Levesque
Christmas Comes to Willow Creek Christmas Comes to Willow Creek (1987) as Al
Guilty of Innocence: The Lenell Geter Story Guilty of Innocence: The Lenell Geter Story (1987)
Gremlins Gremlins (1984) as Randall Peltzer
Deadline Auto Theft Deadline Auto Theft (1983) as Captain Gibbs
Heart Like A Wheel Heart Like A Wheel (1983) as Jack Roque
Endangered Species Endangered Species (1982) as Ben Morgan
The Hollywood Knights The Hollywood Knights (1980) as Lead Cop
The Black Stallion The Black Stallion (1979) as Alec's Father

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